Health Test And Difference Between Screening And Diagnostic Tests

Do you undergo tests for your health? Do you know the fundamental nature of screen tests and diagnostic tests? Medical care services are based on health screening tests. They are essential for health and well being. Well man check may take different forms and manifestations. They include tests and questionnaire, laboratory tests, radiology screening. Ultrasounds or some procedures which may be a stress check etc. we should not weigh the benefits of tests on the base of screening reports. Tests are offered in labs and medical facilities. There are certain features of a good medical examination. Technical accuracy makes a screening test more reliable, but it does not end there. The health screening plan includes right tests, diagnosis of disease; patients and treatment make up the screening tests.

Diagnostic vs. Screening Exam

So far as the purpose of a health test is concerned, it may be a diagnostic test or a screening test. It depends on the sign and symptom of a particular disease. There is a pre-defined purpose of a diagnostic test. It is established the infliction of a specific condition. The diagnostic test tells you whether you have an illness or not. If there are symptoms of a disease, it establishes with accuracy. It is done after you have undergone a test which gives positive results. The diagnostic criteria have the fooling tests natures.

  • If you have the complaint of chest pain. You may go for the cardiac stress test
  • You may undergo chest x-ray for pneumonia if you are suffering from cough and fiver.
  • If you feel fatigued, you m undertake a complete blood test
  • If you have an abnormal mammogram, you may go for a breast biopsy.

Screening test

The nature of a screening test is somewhat different it detects the disease even there are not symptoms visible. The test may tell you about a hidden illness, and you may treat it up early. Here are some common types of screening tests which may be beneficial for you.

  • If you are an adult more than 50 years of age, you may take a colonoscopy test or stool test. If you have no symptoms, you may get checked and treat if there are symptoms.
  • Usually, there are no visible symptoms of HIV. You may undergo the test as adolescent or adult and see if the results are HIV positive.
  • Diabetic type 2 test with sustained blood pressures.